Synchronized Distribution

Use ZMAIL to synchronize distribution of offers, music, books, reports, press releases and any other material that you want to release simultaneously, even globally. Generate buzz ahead of the launch date and mount the expectation that your creation needs. Make sure that everyone receives the information at the same time, regardless of email delays and time zones. Set the Expiration Time, for added urgency to open. Control who opens, where, when and how.

How does it work?

• Sales Promotion example: Send out offers by ZMAIL, with temporary price reductions for some products. Your offer can only be opened at the right time, the time you set the Release Time for, so that the amount of price reduction cannot be known ahead of time. The Release Time can range from seconds to days after the email is sent. Use also for sending and controlling coupons, contests, rebates, gifts, and incentive items. Your offers may also automatically expire, by setting the Expiration Time, preventing customers the nuisance of replying to invalid offers.

• Music Launch example: Send an MP3 clip by ZMAIL attachment, that can only be opened and played after the Release Time you define. Send to anyone, without need for pre-enrollment. You can also request a return receipt confirmation that the music clip was opened for reading. Rewarding the recipients who open early is facilitated because all recipients can be reached back.

• Press Release example: Send your press release with a release time you define and can enforce. Verify who opens your press release. Expire your press release, for added urgency to open.

ZMAIL timestamps every email that is sent and, when ordered by the user with a command to set release and expiration times, defines a "not-before" and a "not-after" lifetime for the decryption key for that email. ZMAIL works in GMT time and also in local time, automatically, as set in each user's browser.

With ZMAIL's release and self-destruct features, the sender is able to unilaterally enforce limitations on reading the email in addition to authenticating the message and each recipient of the email. When information is sent by ZMAIL, it will be used exactly when desired by you.

Additional benefits: With ZMAIL, you can use the release time to make your information available at the last possible moment. This prevents others from reacting to your strategy before it is time. Trying to rely on trust or a third-party for this service (as in proxy sending), may fail due to collusion and internal attacks. Trying to do this by sending the email yourself at that last moment, even if automatically done by your email software, may fail depending on your ISP, your connection speed, and your computer. Each ZMAIL recipient must have a verified and operating mailbox when registering for ZMAIL, which also helps to contact them back. Anonymous release of information is possible by the use of pseudonyms, if acceptable.

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